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 Because Googling isn't the answer to everything. 

Free Classes

I know. It's expensive to pick up a Pilates habit. Andrea Maida teaches the best free classes YouTube has to offer. Her library of classes is extensive, there are PLENTY of videos to explore. I have been working with Andrea for years, and - in addition to being great workouts - her classes are really thoughtful. 10 of 10, highly recommend.

(No, you don't need a Reformer. All the links below are for the Pilates mat work.)

If you are just beginning your practice, START HERE. 

I have a few classes under my belt, but I'm


I have a fair bit of experience, but I'd like a CHALLENGE, please!

Subscription Websites

While you're not going to get personalized attention on a subscription site, the value is excellent, especially if you use it frequently. These are both highly regarded websites that have a lot of class options for $20 - $22/mo. Pilates Anytime is centered around Contemporary Pilates, and Pilatesology is focused on Classical Pilates. You'll get a good workout either way. 

I recommend starting with one of these teachers...

Andrea Maida

Blossom Leilani Crawford

Karen Frischmann

Victoria Torrie-Capan

I loved what these teachers brought to my practice....

Brent Anderson

Kristi Cooper

Meredith Rogers

(Disclaimer: I don't practice this style of Pilates anymore as I'm more well suited to Classical. BUT, your journey might be different.)


I love some nerdy books. I have read and adored all of these. I hope you love them too.

Return to Life, Joe Pilates

Joe Pilates walks you through all the mat work himself. 

Your Health, Joe Pilates

This is also by Joe Pilates. To be honest, it reads like the ramblings of a crazy man, but it's really helpful to get in the mindset and understand what the creator of Pilates method was thinking.

Caged Lion, John Howard Steel

This is the story of Joe Pilates and his legacy. Be prepared to be enlightened, amused, shocked, dismayed and befuddled.

Pilates: An Interactive Workbook, Christina Maria Gadar

Gadar has written several books, they're all GREAT. She is invested in sharing the historical resources we have of Joe Pilates work and frequently posts AWESOME stuff on IG. 

The Pilates Body, Brooke Siler

Let's be clear. A "Pilates body" is NOT a skinny body, or a body with a great ass and a skinny waist. Pilates is for EVERY body, regardless of shape, size, skin color, or gender identity. Now that that's out of the way... this was the first book I bought when I started practicing Pilates. I couldn't afford to take a $10 class, but I bought a used copy of this and practiced every night on the floor. It gave me a great start and I'm really grateful for it.

Making Connections, Peggy Hackney

This isn't a Pilates book, and Hackney isn't a Pilates instructor, but she frequently speaks about how the body is connected. It's Pilates adjacent. And beautiful. Recommended for movement nerds.

Anatomy Trains, Thomas Myers

Best anatomy text ever. Enough said. (FYI: There are older editions on Amazon that are less expensive, but it's worthwhile to spend a few minutes on the Anatomy Trains website, it's full of good stuff.)

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